弊社のコロナウイルス対策に関するFAQ / FAQ regarding our measures in response to the novel coronavirus COVID-19

Q.  What is Coto doing in response?

A.  As a basic matter to protect the health of everyone involved, hand sanitizer has been installed for use by visitors to the school, and the sanitization and ventilation of public areas have been implemented rigorously. Staff and instructors have been properly informed about gargling and hand-washing, and are prohibited from visiting the school if they have a fever.


Q.  Will classes be running from next week?

A.  Yes, the plan is to run classes, though we recommend online lessons. We will continue to take heed of the situation and will inform you if there is a policy change.


Q.  Will the expiration date be extended if we take a break due to coronavirus?

A.  The expiration date for each package is already set to allow plenty of time in anticipation of circumstances such as this one. However, if this situation should take longer than two months to settle, we will re-consider the issue of the expiration date and inform you.


Q.  Will the charge apply for cancellations immediately prior to the start of the course if I have fever and a cough?

A.  Please refrain from visiting the school if you have specific symptoms. You will be canceled without being counted. Wherever possible, if you are able to inform us by 6:00 p.m. the previous day, your cooperation would be much appreciated.


Q.  What tools will be used for the lessons if they are changed from on-campus lessons to online lessons?

A.  If you are transferring from on-campus private lessons, we plan to use Skype or a virtual classroom affiliated with the school. You will need to create an account, and you will be able to use the virtual classroom easily on your browser.


Q.  Just for this period of time, I would like to stop taking the kind of lessons I have been taking thus far and take lessons online instead.

A.  We have a Coto online lesson service: You are welcome to try it out. (This service uses Skype)


Q.  Can I take the lessons I am currently taking on campus (or as a dispatch lessons) as online lessons?


Private Lesson: Yes, you can take the course online. If you would like to do so, please specify your name, student ID, and lesson time, and inform the reception staff at each school by email.

Intensive Course: We are preparing for having the course online. We will announce as soon as it’s ready. If you are interested in this, please let us know which class you are attending.

Part-Time Course: We are preparing for having the course online. We will annoucne as soon as it’s ready. Please contact us if you are interested. Students who have purchased packages can transfer to private lessons, so these are transferrable to online lessons.

Dispatch Lesson: Yes, you can take the course online. Please email us if you would like to do so.


Q.  If I study online, can I have lessons with the same teacher?

A. Private Lesson: Those who take regular lessons at the school are usually taught by the same instructor, but please note that [if you are studying online], you may be taught a different instructor due to various reasons.


Q.  Are there any discounts if the lessons change to online lessons?

A.  If you transfer your on-campus private lessons to online lessons, you will use up one lesson in the same way as a regular private lesson.


Q.  Is it possible to delay the start of intensive courses?

A.  Yes, it is possible. Please inform the reception staff of each school by email by Friday the week before you want to change.


Q.  I’m participating in an intensive course, but I don’t want to start next week.

A.  It is possible to take online lessons or transfer to the following month or later. The courses are weekly, so please let us know by the Friday the week before you want to delay.


Q.  I decided to cancel/postpone my visit to Japan. Can I get a refund on fees I have paid?


Intensive Course: If it is within 2020, you can delay the start of the course, so please consider this option first. You can also change to online lessons.

Others: The expiration date starts to be calculated from the date of the first lesson you take, so you can keep your lesson tickets until your next visit to Japan. Please use them during your next visit. If your visit to Japan has not yet been decided and you want to start Japanese lessons, you can change to online lessons.


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