Sam Bleakly

Sam Bleakly
Tri-Lingual Marketing Manager who has lived and worked in Shanghai, Hong Kong and now Tokyo.

Why did you join Coto?

After working for a more business focused consulting company for 2 years in Akasaka – I wanted a break from a typical Japanese company and to join a space that would allow me to explore my interests in marketing while at the same time enjoying the environment and feeling like that I am contributing positively to society.

What is your current position and work?

I am currently the marketing manager for Coto so I help to create content for our blogs – social media channels – advertisements – as well as plan and execute content marketing strategies on third party platforms.

What is the good points of working at Coto?

It’s a growing company with exciting challenges – we are on the verge of creating some new and fun products.  The staff are all very friendly and it is a very warm and collaborative environment.

What are your future goals?

Recently I have been into ultra-running – so my next goal is to complete a 100 mile / 161 KM footrace.  Alongside that – I would like to pass the JLPT N2 Japanese Language Exam.

Message to those who are interested in applying for Coto

Be yourself and have fun in the interview – personality is important!





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